Sunday, 18 March 2012

Librarian Comics and Library Wars

I honestly Believe this is how we are viewed
This comic creditied to Dave Coverly

We all have that ONE book you want to keep track of and make sure no one moves it one it's shelved. Oh, Just me? 

Oh, Charlie Brown.

I feel the need to post this as It's actually a genius Idea

Taken from the animenewsnetwork's website  In a slightly different timeline than ours, the explosion of information and misinformation came to be considered a direct threat to society. In a daring decision, it was decided to create a new government agency dedicated solely to information management. Some thirty years later, in 2019, the government still monitors and controls information, suppressing anything they find undesirable, but standing against their abuses of power are the libraries, with their special agents called ‘the book soldiers.

Hope this picked you up a bit because it surely did me!

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